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Becca is a very talented masseuse. I’ve had many different massages and I found Becca techniques to be perfect for my body’s needs. I have a compromised lymphatic system and Becca used her knowledge and skills about that to help get those lymph fluids moving so my body could eliminate the toxins like it’s supposed to. It was so relaxing and restorative!

Cynthia Hoover

I had the most profound and healing experience with Becca. I thought I was going in for a relaxing back rub --  Idid not know that I would be traveling to the innermost parts of me that needed tending to. Becca intuitively knew everything I needed, and together we co-created an experience where I felt safe to relive the traumatic birth of my son, and let out all the stuck energy that I was carrying in my mid back.

Elliot Valdez

Becca is a beautiful and kind soul who is truly gifted. I received a reiki massage from her and her hands were guided to the spots that my body needed the most! She was able to help me work through some mental and emotion issues at the time as well! In our distance reiki session, we completely connected and the synchronization was truly divine! She has a soft, yet powerful energy that helped me with my soul expansion! If you want to feel comfortable, respected, and treated with compassion, Becca will create that space for you!


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